Traveling Twins – AIRBNB and San Diego Tips!

—Travel—Travel—Travel—Travel—Travel—Travel— Jeff and I love to travel so we always said that after the twins arrived we would continue to travel.  We would start them at a young age so they hopefully developed a love for travel like us and that they would become “good little travelers” early on in their lives. So far our … Read more

Stay At Home Mom Status – Tips on Teaching Toddlers their Letters

After almost a year of being back into the corporate world, I resigned as a financial advisor and became a stay at home mom again. I missed my children dearly (even though they drive me crazy sometimes) and could not find the balance that I needed in my life to justify being gone all the … Read more

Healthy Subscription Box Reviews

Healthy Subscription Reviews Jeff and I have always strived to be healthier than we are today.  We watch what we eat, try to make somewhat healthy choices, and workout on rare occasions.  We go through spurts of “working out” and eating salads, BUT we also love PIZZA and WINE and many other unhealthy consumable items … Read more